No matter your location, roof inspections are important. Some roof issues are not the most identifiable. Having professionals check your roof is encouraged. Roof imperfections occur more often than you think. If your roof has surpassed the 15-year mark, give us a call. Below lists down the importance of roof inspections.

Common Findings During Roof Inspection

1. Animal Damage

2. Roof Leaks

3. Shingle Issues

4. Roof System Problems

Animal Damage

Animals are strong enough to damage the different areas of your roof. Some have the strength to remove shingles, gutters, and siding. When this happens, it acts as an entrance area for other animals. Once they are in there, the animals nest. The nesting results in further damage inside your roof and attic. Some common findings are leaks, framing damage, and holes. The holes they’ve made act as an entry for water which damages the attic. The best way to detect anima presence is through sound. If you hear or see animals near your roof, call us. We are the best roofing company Woodstock for this service.

Roof Leaking

Best way to identify where leaks occur is your attic. Over time, the materials on your roof deteriorate. Weather and debris contribute to roof damage. Especially in poor weather areas, shingles aren’t as durable. Often precipitation enters through the holes punctured in your roof. In this case, mold appears and spreads throughout the attic. To increase roof longevity, consistent roof inspections are key. If ignored, water build-up weakens the structure of your home. Staying proactive is important, our roofers Woodstock are the best for this service.

Shingle Issues

Shingle maintenance is important to the longevity of your roof. The best time to contact us is when you notice missing shingles. That way, our team handles the situation before anything worsens. Shingles are not built to last forever. Eventually, the weather wears them down and they damage. For new roof installations, our roofing company Woodstock team is the best in the area. Holes in the roof act as an entrance point for precipitation. The water molecules accumulate and eat away at the other shingles. Thus, we suggest proactivity when dealing with your shingles. Tackling this early saves you money in the long-term.

Roof System Problems

Your roof contains components that make up a roofing system. An area that tends to get ignored are gutters. During the fall, leaves build-up and block the water from draining. With the gutter blockage, precipitation leaks into exposed areas in the roof. Ever wonder where the blocked water from the gutter goes? It wears down the sides of your home and finds penetration spots. From there, water continues to seep into the roof and attic until fixed. Downspouts and eavestroughs fall under the same category too. If these are ignored, your roof is in for further damage.

To Summarize – Why Roof Inspection is Necessary

There are many factors contributing to a functional roof system. For the process to be seamless, roof inspections are encouraged. To ensure roof durability, our team recommends semi-annual inspections. If you notice a leak, there are ways to troubleshoot yourself. Check your attic to see the severity of the problem. If ignored, the situation results in a higher expense down the road. When it comes to roof inspections, we are the top roofers in Woodstock Ontario. Your roof is a long-term investment that we aim to help you out with. To reach our professional roofers, our phone number is 647-424-4047.