How Much Does It Cost to Re-shingle a Roof in 2022?

There are many factors influencing roof prices. One of the more expensive roofing services Woodstock is roof replacement. When it comes to shingling your roof, companies offer different prices. It is important to note the previous work done by each company. BlueNote Roofing Co lists down variables to consider for your re-shingling job.

4 Factors Determining the Cost of Re-shingle a Roof in 2022:

1. Size of Project

2. State of Current Roof

3. Roof Obstacles

4. Materials

Size of Roof

If you live in a townhouse, your roof is smaller than detached homes. Fully detached homes cover more land, resulting in a larger job. The more significant the job, the more labour needed. Pricing each job hinders on the labour and material cost. If a small team is enough for the work, your project cost is less than bigger jobs. Additionally, the timing of the project is favourable for the chosen roofing company. Some roofs only take a day to complete roof repair Woodstock services.

State of Current Roof

Your roof is subject to wear and tear from the weather. Over time, any water that enters your home results in a weakened frame. Roofing company Woodstock services range from full replacements to repairs. It is hard re-shingle a roof with a worn-down frame. If the attic or framing is molding, call us right away. Mold is an issue that spreads, making your roof status worse for our repair team. Our team looks for damage to handle the situation proactively. Ensuring you get the most value from your roof is important to us.

Roof Obstacles

Roofing brings risk to workers, no natter the size. Our team contains professionals that handle all situations. We encourage you to send a picture of your roof, so our team prepares for the work in the best way possible. The steeper the slope, the more precise our workers need to be.

Some roofing obstacles are as follows:

Chimney flashing


Plumbing Stacks


Other Buildings

There are all are important to note and are included during the price formulation. The less obstacles the better for our roofers in Woodstock Ontario team.

Quality of Material

Using recycled materials is common for new companies in this industry. Many companies re-use materials to produce the best profit margins. BlueNote Roofing Co provides premium materials at a reasonable price. Below is the pricing for asphalt shingles for roofing company Woodstock businesses. Roof longevity is something that is often overlooked. Many people enjoy the aesthetic of a new roof. But they do not understand the importance of durability. Looking at the cheapest options comes with its flaws. To surpass the 15-year mark, your roof needs some of the best rated shingles. We advise budgeting for the premium services based on many factors. Being a significant part of your home, your roof needs annual attention from our roofing team. The larger the budget, the better the materials as seen below.

Asphalt ShinglesPrice Range (square foot)
Basic Architectural$2.00 – $3.50
Medium Architectural$3.00 – $4.00
Advanced Architectural$4.25 – $5.25
Luxury Architectural$5.50 – $7.00


To ensure you are getting the service for your demand, call us. Discussing the project over the phone gives us an idea of what to expect. We provide a free quote and consultation service to help you with your job. Attic and roof inspections are a necessity for this type of project. Annual roof inspections are key to ensure your roofing is in the best condition. At BlueNote Roofing Co, our pricing strategy is favourable for all our clients. To better understand how much does it cost to re-shingle a roof in 2022? give us a call at 647-424-4047.