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What Services Do We Provide?

Woodstock Roofers

Our Specialty

Roof Replacement

Has your roof surpassed 15 years? If yes, it's time for a new one. The damage that occurs from the elements wears down the structure of your roof. Roof repairs are a short term fix, but replacements are the best long-term investment. A new roof proves your home with durability. Our customers are always satisfied after our services.

Most Common Service

Roof Repair

Is your roof leaking? Our roofers offer emergency repair services. Whether is leaks or shingles missing, we provide the best work. If you notice any imperfections on your roof, give us a call. BlueNote Roofing Co offers  free consultation calls and quotes.

Woodstock Roofers
Woodstock Roofers

Important Service For All Homeowners

Full Roof Inspections

Our Woodstock roofers have experience with full roof inspections. We suggest semi-annual checks. This way, any issues are resolved before they worsen. The longer you wait, the more expensive the project gets. Some potential things found in inspections are listed below.

  • Animal Damage
  • Structure imperfections
  • Leaks
  • Holes in roof

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BlueNote Roofing Co. | About Us

With years of experience in Woodstock roofing, our work quality has helped expand  business in many areas. Performing professional and premium services separates us from competition.

Our process creates a better look for your home. Also, you feel safer with a new roof over your head. We understand the customer's needs as they are always a top priority. This is why we ensure the best results during every project.

The main office is located near Southside Park and we also work in Ingersoll and Brantford.

Customer Satisfaction

What Previous Clients Say

Testimonial 1

I was very impressed with the results of the roof repair Woodstock services. The team at BlueNote Roofing performed well and I recommended them to other friends on my street. 

Dusto Rinsomare
Woodstock Homeowner

Testimonial 2

I just moved into the Woodstock area and needed a roof inspection. I was unsure whether or not to get my roof replaced. The roofers Woodstock gave me honest feedback that I really appreciated.

Evie Orsi
Woodstock Renter

Testimonial 3

I needed a roof replacement before listing my house on the market. This team did a great job walking me through the process. Results were great too!

Ryan Randell